At first, I wasn’t sure I am going to love this city, but when I took a closer look while drinking the best cup of coffee in the world, I fell in love.

For a long time I told myself I need escape from this town. It’s not that I didn’t like it, but all of the sudden it felt so small, so ridiculously small that I could’t breathe. It is not town’s fault, it’s was 2014’s fault.

I always had this wicked idea of taking a plane early in the morning and arrive in new country, have a longest walk, drink aromatic coffee and try delicious food, then take another plane late in the evening and go back home, fall asleep in my bed. Despite the fact that idea was always there, somehow, I wasn’t in need of realizing it.

“Why not today?” – I asked myself one day. And since I didn’t have any excuse… I booked a flight. Amsterdam was rather a random choice. It was the first city that came up in the search and I thought why not. I’ve never been there before. Amsterdam it is then.


It was a windy gray day, but the weather didn’t mess up my feelings about this city. At first, when I came out of the train station I felt so confused: weird fairytale-like architecture, a lot of water, tilted houses, smell of marijuana and coffee, ships and boats. It reminded me of Copenhagen, but it was too modern and geometric at some parts to be Copenhagen (which I love endlessly).  The day before I looked up some interesting, not touristic places, but local cafes that I could visit to get an impression of people and feel the atmosphere of the new place.

I was heading to the small coffee store (not a coffee shop) called “Two For Joy”. I found a lot of recommendations in internet. Apparently, they serve one of the best coffees in the town. As a true coffee lover I really couldn’t miss that. That was a long walk before I actually found this little cafe. I just had to get used to streets and their weird circle-like constructions. Wind was so intense I could have lied on it easily. The walk has worth it – coffee was really delicious. I must confess I wasn’t alone in this trip. My mum and my brother were there too. When we got our order we become so quiet like we were inhaling the atmosphere of this place, it’s aura. We all agreed it was different, different from anything we’ve experienced before.



I’ve noticed that people here were much more open than in Germany. They never put the curtains on the windows. Isn’t it weird? Passing by, watching people change their clothes in their rooms  or cooking breakfast in the kitchen. You can stay and watch – they won’t even notice you. Nobody feels very bothered. They don’t need any place to hide.

Apart from the coffee store I also tried the best burger in my life at “Lombardo’s” (also found recommendations online). God, that was really good, incredibly good! My brother claims it was mainly because I haven’t had any meat the whole week, but I refuse to believe it. This place is really small – has only 6 seats at a long bar-table. Stuff is young and extremely friendly. Chit-chat is definitely their thing 😉 They have burgers with amazing goat cheese (!!!), avocado and even with the lamb cutlet. Amazing! Can only recommend it again.IMG_8852


Apart from these two places, we were just walking. I officially called it a “walking day”. I love walks: exploring the corners of the city, observing somebody’s happiness, sensing this terrific scent of the tulips that makes your head spin, meeting new people, asking how they are, drinking coffee at the riverside – enjoying the life. Isn’t it the whole point of living?

At the end of the day I realized I fell in love with Amsterdam. Exactly because it’s so different and dynamic, filed with the air of freedom. I would love to sit here and write my stories. This is the place for all the dreamers and those who still haven’t find their inspiration. Maybe you should go to Amsterdam and look for it there?

Have a safe trip!

Sincerely yours,





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