Yesterday, I was watching “The DUFF”  movie and it reminded me of all other films that try to show you how to rebel against the cruel rules of society (in the school, at work, among the family members etc.). And I know they suppose to motivate those, who feel shattered and left out, become more confident, but does it really happen?

I almost see this picture: you sit infront of the TV or maybe in cinema and watch how the uncooliest girl gets the hottest guy, and think to yourself: “yeah, right, I can do that, because I am that girl! Definitely, starting my new life tomorrow!”. Then the movie is over, you go to bed and see sweet dreams. But the next day? Your confidence converts into dreams and hopes that never come true once you enter the school or office. Why? Well, mainly because movie is not enough to start loving and respecting yourself.

I guess, I am not the uncooliest girl. And never was. I always had this confidence about everything I loved to do or to wear. Key to my confidence were my stubbornness and pride. My parents always taught me to build own opinion on everything, and I knew that I had to collect some facts or information to say something out loud. I never discussed the subject I wasn’t good at or sure of and even if I did, I never tried to point out the others are wrong. How could I, if I had not a single clue about it?

I taught myself to walk with my head high and smile shining on my face. I never had any intention to shatter any other woman/girl on the street and make them feel miserable. It’s very simple to be respected, when you are kind to the other people and don’t try to push anybody. Find something you can be proud of. You make best brownies in whole town? Amazing! You can paint the most inspiring pictures? Astonishing! Please, do that and don’t hide. Unfortunately, there’re no rules or guide on how being popular or respected. You have to find your own way, but that makes the process so much more exciting.

Look, how crazy am I: love baking and cooking – always dancing around the kitchen and sing songs while preparing meal; drawing male portraits – just really love male faces, aren’t they handsome?; am huge fan of “American Psycho” and can’t get enough of it – Patrick Bateman has such a brilliant personality, though I know he’s a bad guy; am a coffee junkie and can’t start my morning without tasting coffee; love male clothes – sometimes I steal shirts from my brother  (but he doesn’t blame me for that any more), there is just something incredibly sexy in wearing a male shirt or even underwear; can easily talk to a stranger on a street, that is why my life is full of different weird stories, but I don’t really mind; am a passionate writer and I carry my notebook with me everywhere I go – I love the process of actually writing with a pen or pencil and you can spot me writing in subway, on the bench or my balcony; love singing and poor neighbors of mine, but I am unstoppable; love social media and food photography – I can’t start eating until I made a picture; …. etc.

See? Such a strange person and still happily leaving on the planet 🙂 Have fun figuring yourself out – start loving your own personality and writing new scenario right now!



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