How many dreams do you have? And how many of them do you think are actually realistic? Start dreaming outside of the box and you realize something magical about you and world around you.

Today I’d like to share one great tip with you that helped Miss X (let’s call her that) realize she’s so much brighter and talented person than she thought she was.

All of us are dreaming of something: to have a desirable thing, to achieve a level, to meet a love of life, to win money etc. Many dreams are individual, many of them more look like a mainstreem. Lots of us try to set priorities while wishing for something.

Miss X is our example here. She’s attractive, not very young, but full of energy and childish smile. At this very moment she’s sad, every night she’s asking God to help her to change her financial situation. That is the only dream she has (or so she thinks) – to earn enough money to not worry about her life and children anymore, to be sure that she can pay her rent and buy food without struggling. Good. But she’s unhappy. Financial situation doesn’t change and slowly, she starts getting the feeling she was left out. Why? Sadly, no answer for her. It’s life. Drowning in her tears and misery she forgets about all the other dreams she ever had: things that could make her happy as much as better financial situation.


It’s time to make a list. She takes a notebook and starts writing all of her dreams down. Important is to be creative and think outside of a box and, what even more important, is being absolutely crazy. You always wanted to fly to the moon, get a Nobel Price, make an appearance on the red carpet, take a trip to New Zeeland, taste a best Bordeaux,  learn how to fly a flight or become a great skateboarder? Write it all down. And she does. When she re-reads her list before going to sleep a smile touches her face. She realizes that:

* she’s talented: she has a very valuable hobby and would be happy to make an exhibition

* she’s not square: she know so much and eager to learn more

* she might change her financial situation by concentrating on other things that could become very successful

* a lot of her wishes do not sound that crazy at all, once she wrote them down

You can always add a new dream/wish to your list. You can re-read it every day and think what you’ve done to get closer to one of them. This “dreaming outside of the box” really helps you to realize that you’re talented, intellectual and that you wish for lots of great things except from material ones. My list made me laugh and I actually understood that I was looking in a wrong direction all the time. Life is what you choose it be: sad, happy, adventures, wealthy. Make the best of it.




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