Mister Grey will see you now.

I am lucky to live in Berlin, because we were first who had the chance to see the stars and movie. “Fifty Shades Of Grey” screening in cinemas starts officially on 12th of February.

Honestly, I am not that kind of fan who creams and grabs actors clothes. I am more an admirer , I guess. I am always worried that person I see on the screen and the real one don’t match. And I don’t mean the temper or character. Just I believe all great talented people have this incredible vibe that you can only feel by seeing them live. And that’s what I did – went to world premier of Fifty Shades to see Jamie Dornan, Dakota Johnson etc.

I made a lot of great shots thanks to my brother, who also had camera with him. What made me even more happier than seeing them this close and taking pictures is that Jamie Dornan was very kind to give me his autograph. He was really trying to sign every single image, note book, poster. It was nice, very sweet of him. Jamie looks amazing in real life: handsome, with gorgeous beard, smiling, talking to fans. I had a feeling that Paul Spector is standing next to me (his character from “The Fall”– series).

Oh, and I was really happy to see Aaron Johnson who sadly didn’t sign anything. He was just accompanying his wife, the director of the movie, Sam Taylor-Johnson. But still – very handsome man with those stunning curly hair!

Dakota had this beautiful black maxi dress. Stunning. Here are the pictures. Enjoy!



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