Yesterday night me and my friend went to one of my favorite bars in Berlin. Hudson bar is one of the hidden treasures in Berlin that you should definitely discover and put it on your list. However yesterday I understood that sometimes the right cocktail and a mood can call it a night.

After pretty hard and exhausting week I found myself in need to go out and have a drink. It was time to have a secret aperitif. Me and my friend had a choice to join few great places in Berlin, but when I found out he has never been to “Hudson Bar”, our choice was obvious.

You have to be careful with Hudson.  They don’t work the whole week and it’s location is hidden in one of the side streets, so you’ll probably just pass by without noticing. Like all private places, this one has closed doors and only barman decides, whether you’re going to spend the evening with Margarita in your hand inside the Hudson bar. We got in.

There are few things I really like about Hudson. The atmosphere is really intimate. Watching other tables, I cannot shake off this feeling of confidentiality and secrecy filling the air. Like all the whisperings and laughter are important and every single conversation here isn’t common, it contains something that you have to hear. Wooden tables and vintage leather chairs and couches give this place a certain vibe, a message that even furniture keeps its’ own secrets. Tango or Salsa music plays with your imagination and makes you want to dance even before you had a taste of your cocktail. Slowly moving your head and body, you take the cocktail menu and here it starts… the journey in the world of Hemingway. You know what’s best about Ernest Hemingway? His characters, bohemian life and amazing drinks that are served constantly. Jumping into the world this author created on the pages of his books – is the best thing you can do. And before you know, you find yourself actually reading the menu, where you’ll find greatest excerpts from his novel “Island in the Stream”.

As I read this menu like hundreds times before this evening, I let myself to explore the cocktails and choose something rather curious and new. And I found it. Absinthe Margarita. Have you heard of that? It’s a classic Margarita plus absinthe. Well, I’ve never ever tried absinthe in my life and remembered of “Moveable Feast” and “The Gardens of Eden”. Amazing stories fulfilled with great spirits and delicious food. I decided to take a risk of trying it. What should I say? Not my cup of tea. I’ll stay with my saint classic Margarita and forget about the incident.


My friend was mainly upset, because a) he didn’t know people can smoke inside (and those were the complains of a smoker, well ex-smoker) and b) he ordered all the wrong cocktails, because they don’t serve Moscow Mule and he’s crazy about it. He even has his own test for new places like Hudson. He always orders Moscow Mule, everywhere. No exception. If cocktail’s served well, bar passed the test. If not… I am so sorry, Hudson, but he’s not coming back. They do serve best Bloody Mary though: spicy, hot, burning you tongue and throat. Seriously, for those, who loves this drink, you should go for it in here.

Still, choosing the wrong drink isn’t a sign of a bad bar. Everybody has own taste. What I love, you may hate and the other way round. Why? Because we’re complicated and individual creatures. I realized that even small thing like ordering your favorite cocktail can turn into disaster, if you were feeling bad even before going in.

My advice for any night out: put your best dress or chic suit on, but first of all, put on really good mood. Just feel good, fill the air with laughter and smiles. And maybe then, your Absinthe Margarita won’t turn you down and it’s unique taste will give you a new, exciting idea about how to spend the rest of the night. You understand me, right?



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