Winter is the best time for cooking. Why? because, when it’s cold outside and you don’t feel like leaving your cozy warm home, you still have to eat something. Well, somebody would say: “Just order some food and let other people deliver it to your door”. A great solution, surely. But not for me. I love to cook and eat healthy, and moreover, I love treating myself.

For me, there is no such joy on earth as smelling something delicious from the kitchen. Remember, how being a child, you would ask what’s mama cooking today? How you were sitting in your room, playing and suddenly feeling like a heaven-like smell from the kitchen embraces you? Well, I still sneak in, look at my mom standing in apron preparing ingredients for the cake and shyly ask: “What are you doing? Are you going to bake that cake I was dreaming of past two days?”

Now, my mama and brother do the same, when I am in the kitchen. And believe me  – I own this place 😉

These are some great food impressions of the dishes I cooked.



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