With this enormous amount of bars and amazing locations, Berlin could be easily called Manhattan. Even if you challenge yourself with trying out a new place every singe night, you won’t make it to visit all the places. It’s to many. They come and go. I gave up many years ago and decided to stay in this forever-in-discover mode. 

Would you like to listen to a real bartender talking? Then you better learn a language! No jokes: saint spirits, brands of juices and syrups, infusions, wild melon creations… Stick around and you’ll fall in love with a world of bartending world. And while you’re trying to figure out which glass is right for whisky, I’ll tell you about “Raclette Bar”.

People who are fond of well mixed drinks and great spirits, should definitely come in here and say “hello” to Raclette. This place looks like a nice cosy living room in a house high in mountains. I mean, I would kill for such a fire place – it looks amazing and kept me warm all the evening. Every single detail in here says it’s owner put an effort to make this place personal and kind of intimate. The collection of spirits they use for their exotic cocktails creations is excellent: rare brands and high quality. Bottles like Jack Daniel’s and Bacardi are standing here in the darkest corner.


If you experience bad day in Berlin, you can always hide in Raclette. A bartender will warm your body with delicious espresso by Nespresso and then flame up your heart with unique alcoholic creation of your choice and desire.  You will suddenly realize you’re not in Germany anymore. And french flags just as cheese on the wall will remind you, you are in France. Definitely. Have you ever dreamed of time traveling? Great, because in the places like this it’s absolutely possible. You only should dare to open the door and step in.

Welcome to Raclette. No cheese here.



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