I am not vegan or vegetarian. Not yet. But here is my story.


I was always a meat lover. As long as I remember myself, actually. I love the taste, the smell, the structure. For me, if I did not have steak, chicken wings or tender chicken breast in creamy sauce for a lunch, it feels like I did not eat at all. And I feel a hunger till I go to bed. And you know what? Falling asleep, when you’re hungry is not a very bright idea.

While being in university I started falling in love with cooking. It was like a vacation for me – being in the kitchen, dancing around mixing ingredients and getting those nice lovely colors out of all the products. Loved it and still do! You see, when I cook I am at my happy place – I sing along with music, I smile no matter how bad my day was and I enjoy being creative when cooking.

Eventually, I started discover many different dishes: meat with fruits, different exotic salads, vegetarian dishes, fish. But still I tried to cook meat every day. My father used to tell me a story about the time, when he came in a new city and he just finished a university, and he almost did not have any money, so he could only afford anchovies (they were really cheap) and had to it them for the whole 2 month. Only anchovies and nothing else. Sometimes, he felt sick because of the fish, so he had to stay hungry to recover. When he got a job and started working he promised he’d never feel hunger again. So, in my family we always had this big table filled with everything you can ever imagine. And meat was a must on the table, because in his head all the vegetables, fruits, bread and great appetizers made no sense without meat.

Since my mum and brother are working the whole day, I am the one who cooks lunch most days. Every day I try to create something new or something long forgotten. And since we all decided to live a little bit healthier to stay in a good shape, I started looking for interesting vegetarian or vegan recipes. At the beginning, I was just adding more vegetarian dishes to our everyday meal, then I decided to make a vegetarian week and… I liked it. It felt actually really nice and light.

Now I am cooking vegetarian dishes more often. Once I tried a really great vegan recipe and it turned out being incredibly delicious (I honestly did not expect that). My body does not feel any hunger, when I did not eat any meat. And I must admit I do love fish more than I did before. In a vegetarian world there are actually really a lot of different variations, options, ingredients and spices. The process of cooking and this heaven-like smell gets me all excited about the dish!

So, vegetarian menu? Hm, yes, please!

Enjoy some food photography by me. (eyeem profile)



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